Here are a few tips when it comes to your chip shots. Chipping Golf Tip #1 Keep your left wrist straight: Or your right wrist, if you're a left hander. There are different schools of thought about whether you should break your wrist on a drive or approach shot with r11 taylormade irons , but not on a chip shot. Your forearm and your wrist should make one straight line from your backswing all the way through your follow-through. Breaking the wrist will change the loft of the club, causing you to get too far under the ball or on top of it, causing the ball to go shooting all the way across the green. Chipping Golf Tip #2 Choose the right club: Your chip shots will not always be made with a wedge. A chip shot can be made with almost any iron. Remember, a chip shot should be taken when you want to be accurate enough to leave the ball with clubs from r11 irons sale online shop on the green. This can be done from as far as 40-50 yards out, especially if the course is running quick on that particular day. You can use something as high as a 7-iron for your chip shots. Chipping Golf Tip #3 Aim for the front of the green (or closer), not the pin: Many golfers make the mistake of aiming in such a way that the ball with titleist ap1 712 shot hit at the pin instead of stop at the pin. Not matter how close you are to the green, the ball will roll at least a little bit after hitting the green. You should aim accordingly, shooting for the front of the green or even closer so that the ball is as close to the pin as possible after the roll. A good rule of thumb: two thirds in the air, one third on the ground. If you're chipping from 24 feet, try to make the ball land 8 feet in front of the cup. Chipping Golf Tip #4 Practice makes perfect: You don't need to be at a driving range or a golf course to practice your chip shots with ap1 712 irons . Go out to your backyard or a nearby open field, stick a fork in the ground, and practice getting the ball as close to the fork as possible. Of course, this probably won't simulate the shorter grass you would find on a golf course, but most of chipping is distance control, and you can practice distance control just about anywhere.