When we talk about hitting a golf ball straighter we mean at the target. The result can be achieved by means of a draw, a fade or a straight shot. All the same to us as long as we agree that straight means towards the intended target. It is interesting to watch children pick up the game of golf. Initially they are given a club and a ball and told to use one to get the other into a hole. Kids do not complicate things and they generally pick up the game quite quickly. It is only after we have played a while that we start getting all technical and complicating our brain. As a qualified coach I am often amazed, and secretly humored, by some of the tips I hear well intentioned golfers giving each other. No wonder we get confused because everyone has a different interpretation of the same problem! To learn to hit a golf ball straighter with taylormade rocketballz driver you need to get a few fundamentals right before you even hit the ball. The first of these is the grip. Now the grip itself can be complicated because there are three generally accepted grips: the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the hammer or ten finger grip. Which one is right for you? Other elements of the grip are what I call the four P's. Placement, Positioning, Pressure and Precision. Each of these elements needs to be the same every time you grip a taylormade rocketballz driver so they need to be practiced until they become second nature. After the grip the "set-up" is the most important part of ensuring that you hit the ball straighter. I find the easiest way to remember all this is to have a little phrase or word that triggers my memory. If you have the 5 GAASP elements correct you are well on your way to hitting the ball straighter. The beauty is that when each of these elements is correct you can actually forget about them for the rest of the swing as they do not change. You can therefore concentrate fully on the actual swing itself knowing that you are gripping the club correctly, have aimed and aligned yourself with the target and that your stance and posture are such that the club from rbz driver for sale online shop will meet the ball at the correct position in the swing path. I would seriously recommend that you spend some time practicing GAASP until it becomes almost second nature and is embedded in your subconscious mind. Without a solid set up you will never hit a golf ball straighter on a regular basis. My advice to anyone who wants to learn how to set up correctly is to either go for a lesson or get a good tutorial and spend a few weeks practicing it without even hitting a ball. And there is the challenge because there really isn't much glamour in gripping a club from rbz driver for sale online shop, lining it up to an imaginary target, getting your stance and posture correct and then doing it all over and over again without hitting a ball. Grab yourself a good video tutorial or a book with pictures that show you exactly what is required and duplicate it till you look the part. Then and only then go out and hit that golf ball straighter - you've earned it and you deserve it.