The most important thing for increasing your golf swing speed is your core. The more stronger and flexible your body core are the faster hands and club will come without increasing your tense. What are core muscles? Core muscles are the muscles of your torso or trunk , including the back, abdominals, pelvis and obliques muscles. Every movement you make ordinates in core muscles. Now you need to increase your body core. You should start with simple rotational exercises. I will give you few exercises: Throwing weighted medicine ball with Cheap Golf Clubs can build up your core. This exercise are loved by athletes, because weighted medicine balls dramatically will increase your core. Start slowly and do not overdue it. The core muscles are muscles that do not get exercised doing normal course of your day . Core muscles are small and they are easy to strain. You should start doing core program few minutes a day. Another tips is exercise all your core muscles. Do not stick just on abdominals. Train back core muscles too!