So maybe you have a good short game, once you are on the green you are money with your putter, but the only problem is it took you five shots to get there which completely defeats the purpose of having a good short game. It is pretty simple actually, if you don't have a decent golf swing you can either try and fix your golf swing or take up another sport. The golf swing with taylormade r11 irons is instrumental in perfecting your golf game, but it is also one of the hardest things to perfect as it takes a lot of practice and fine tuning to possess a good and respectable golf swing. As easy as hitting a golf ball with a golf club may look on TV when Tiger Woods is smacking the ball 300+ yards down the fairway it is far from the truth. When trying to create the perfect golf swing a lot of things come into play. First you must always keep your eye on the ball at all times during your swing with r11 irons . Secondly, hip rotation when during your swing is also something that is very important and quite often overlooked, without the right hip rotation will never get the distance in your drive. Lastly you always have to follow through with your swing, without the right follow through you will never be able to place the ball where you want it. If you watch the pros like Tiger long enough you will notice that they have all aspects of their swing down to a science. Their hips, follow through and concentration are near perfect. You can learn a lot if you watch the best at work, especially Tiger Woods.