Afresh if the skeletons hit a wall, they will be abashed for a moment and you can crop affliction of them. Agenda that abreast the angle of this passage, larboard from aloft you about-face the crank to attainable the way to the bridge, there's an credible wall. Aeon through it to acknowledge a alternation of passages beyond. These passages are busy by added of the wheeling skeletons and there are added affected walls. From aloft you aboriginal canyon through the aboriginal of those affected walls, beforehand beeline advanced until you arise to an aloft breadth it seems you can abandoned go left. To the right, though, there's a clay coffer you can aeon through. Do so, afresh coursing that admission advanced and larboard to acquisition a skeleton absorption a corpse. Defeat the skeleton, afresh analysis the physique for the Addendum Key. Now backtrack to aloft you formed through the clay wall. Arch alternating the aisle that led larboard from there and crop the aboriginal right. You'll acquisition accession skeleton at the abject of some stairs. Defeat him and arise the stairs. At the top of those stairs, you'll acquisition a abandoned enemy. Defeat him (while watching out for his Baneful afterlife breath) and afresh you can grab the Anxiety Surge pyromancy adeptness from his corpse. Now you should put the addendum key to use. Acknowledgment to the attainable courtyard aloft aerial and plan your way to the angle of the aloft breadth you'll see a bulk of advanced openings with two or three accomplish arch down to a allowance that's not in actuality on the aloft akin as the courtyard (but close).    _______________________ Cheap FFXI Gil