although they are still very popular, but I will never back and I think this brand is no longer suitable for me. "According to Canada, "Vancouver Sun" article has reported that 31-year-old Daisy Liu in a multinational cosmetics company, she had two LV handbag, however, has said that " Nanfang Daily reported that, in the context of channels quickly build, LV products are also gradually become filled everywhere, had no luxuries that enviable range of children. Instead, the LV emerged published more "quick digestion", that channel sink to the bottom, to enhance the convenience of purchasing, product design, fashion and fascination for sales and profits.   "LV certainly take the popular route, it is not called 'luxury brands', and its strategy is to take the amount of rapid expansion, including Gucci, they gradually lose the brand appeal." Wealth Dean Zhou Ting accepted quality interview, he said. In her eyes, although the "luxury" is a relative concept, but the "top niche customized brand" can be called a luxury.   "And, LV fakes too many, seriously affecting its brand image, resulting in China's wealthy class in abandoned LV, LV has not agree, and even that is allowed to buy LV products as minus points." Week Ting said. Really rich, the real millionaires, they will not buy LV or Gucci, because they are too popular and dependable it. "China Market Research Group founder and managing director Ray Hill (ShaunRein) said that" the rich are getting richer, they crave the kind of exclusive products, but also highlights their personality.   For more information please visit: