Chinese government high administrative costs and management costs has been criticized for the world. State Department has said that former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, bloated bodies and a huge number of administrative staff, "the country's money eaten." Dr. Fang Jianwen political science in the "China can out of Parkinson vicious circle" is mentioned, since the 1990s, the Chinese government's dominant running costs accounted for the proportion of total fiscal expenditure almost all above 10%, and most of the year growth of more than 15%, far higher than the growth rate of GDP growth over the same period. Chinese administrative expenses as a percentage share of total expenditure is gradually increased, and in 1980 accounted for 5.43%, in 1985 accounted for 6.51%, in 1990 accounted for 9.83%, up 13.11% in 1996. Minsheng Securities Research Institute tube Kiyotomo that administrative costs in 1995 than in 1978 administrative expenses increased 19-fold. Other countries, including NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE developed, developing and transition countries, administrative expenses accounted for the proportion of fiscal expenditure is generally lower than China, Japan, France, Britain, Germany, the United States, Canada, Great respectively 3.62%, 6.67%, 7.59%, 8.83 %, 9.42% and 10.235%. Treasury does not disclose data over China's administrative costs, is generally believed that the budget subjects of the "general public services spending" probably equivalent to the administrative costs and management costs, for example in 2009, the local general public service expenditures in the amount of 808 billion yuan, accounting for the local fiscal expenditure 6.1044 trillion yuan of 13.2%. In addition to formal "general public services spending", there are hidden in other subjects in the "Three" consumption is also an important part of administrative costs. Some scholars have proposed air foamposite one electric three 300000000000 assertion that public funds abroad 300 billion yuan, 300 billion yuan of public funds and official vehicles entertain 300 billion yuan, and that China is the world's highest administrative costs over the years, accounting for administrative expenses financial expenditure far exceeds the United States, France, Japan and other countries. Treasury officials at a national financial work conference has said, for "Three" consumption, the State Council attached great importance to the Ministry of Finance to take positive measures. The relevant departments of the Ministry of Finance jointly study concluded that three 300 billion yuan of data is certainly wrong, actually smaller than this. Local government officials have told reporters that Treasury officials report statistics that come up because it is, "was not the end."