Remember back in 2012 when images of a Rainbow set of Air Jordan 11 72-10 retros hit the web? Of course, they never actually hit retail in mass quantities, so we never got the story behind the intriguing set of Jordans in the wide spectrum of monotone metallic colors. Disappearing for the last three years, now a few of the rainbow Jordans surface again, offered up for purchase by a seller on eBay. Up for grabs are the red 1 and 2, the yellow 7 and 8, the lime green 9 and 10, the purple 18, and the blue 20. If you need any of these in your collection—especially with the popularity of monotone sneakers at an all-time high—grab them now on eBay. The all-red aesthetic just won't go away. Next weekend. Jordan 11 Brand will bring forth one of the most talked-about upcoming releases of the year – the tonal red Air Jordan IV officially called the Air Jordan 11Lab4 University Red. The patent leather upper is inspired from the Air Jordan 11, but the silhouette is entirely of the 4, but with a molded toe-box that we first saw in the Air Jordan 4 Laser. Enjoy these this weekend on and at select Jordan Brand retailers.New Jordans 11Kobe Bryant alter ego known as the Black Mamba is a character that feeds off of pain. From the hardships of carrying a team that wasnt even playoff worthy for a couple of seasons having Smush Parker as the point guard on your squad will do that to you to a more literal take on feeling physical agony during a grueling 82 game schedule, Kobe has seen it all over the course of his two decade NBA career. Pain has played a pivotal role in the growth of Bryants legend. The latest Kobe 10 colorway known as the Nike Kobe 10 Pain pays homage to his recent woes, as Kobe is currently in the midst of the twilight of his career.