Bryant called the hell tour a few years later, people with poor mentality he has repeatedly stressed that his goal is to win, epitaph recalled Bryant's career history in the way he is Sisyphus, buy mt ESPN is refreshed every year to give Kobe Bryant ranked lower, while Bryant's two-word response: "idiot".   But as criticism about Bryant playing, these arguments in Kobe is a malicious attack from an objective point of view but are almost always clearly established facts. He is stubborn, paranoid, live in their predetermined world, insists his goal is to win another NBA Championship. However persistence leads to constant injuries. 2014-15 season, Bryant can take over the scoring, but after a dunk, and Bryant's shoulder tear injury this time and finally became the last straw breaks the camel, falls once Peter Pan world.   The injury wiped out Bryant's body, and Bryant finally began to accept the idea of "reality", announced after the season, Bryant once again began the long road to rehabilitation. Is what the injuries to Kobe Bryant finally started to listen career countdown sounds. Finally at the beginning of this season, Bryant announced announced his retirement at the end of the season, it is lost for him, is also free. visit homepage  
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