C, in September  but his health was not equal to the duties of the field, and he was transferred to the 10th Regiment Invalid Corps, to the command of Co. G, then stationed at Fort Schuyler, New York Harbor  but his duties here were hardly less onerous than while in active service and his health gradually cheap jordan shoes failed  and suddenly attacked with inflammation of the lungs, there was no vital energy left to throw off the disease, and he sank under it March 15th, 1864, at the age of twenty-eight. I am happy to say of Capt. Walcott, that he was a true christian gentleman.  He was greatly respected and beloved by the officers of michael kors store online his re h and comfort for his men. One of his soldiers said he owed his life to the Captain's kindness, for air jordan 2013 he gave up his own bed to the sick soldier and lay himself on the ground, and all the company bear the jordan shoes outlet same michael kors outlet online united testimony to his kindness. Col. Pease, gives his estimate of him as a friend, a gentleman and a soldier, in a letter written to the Captain's Mother after his death. " It always gives me pleasure to bear testimony to the manly virtues of my departed friend.  And I will say Cheap jordan shoes outlet there was black grape 5s sale not a man of my acquaintance whose friendship michael kors handbags outlet I prized so highly as his. He was faithful in his friendship, patriotic and michael kors purses outlet zealous in the cause of his country, warm-hearted toward all, and charitable toward the erring. I have lost a dear friend and you madam a noble son." Lieutenant Col. Eane, in announcing to the 10th Regiment black grape 5s Invalid Corps, Jordan Shoes For Sale the death of the Capt. says. " His ability as an officer, his many virtues, his soldierly and gentlemanly bearing, together air jordan shoes with his uniformly kind cheap jordans shoes consideration of others, have commanded our respect and won our estimation and regard." And those who knew him best in his last years, in the army, and at michael kors outlet stores home, are consoled with the belief, that he has gone to receive the blessing awarded to those who were true and self sacrificing, in the hour of their country's peril, and loyal to their God. jordans for sale REV.C. FITCH, Pastor michael kors outlet of Pres. Church at New York Mills Oapt. GEOBGE W.