And don't stop thereIn fact, you won't be able to stop for long-his doormen are going to tell you'Move on' But catch a subway and keep on downtownAnywhere you may want to get off, look atthe white man's apartments, businessesGo right on down to the tip of Manhattan nike air max 2011 Island that thisdevilish white man stole from the trusting Indians for twenty-four dollarsLook at his City Hall, downthere; look at his Wall StreetLook at yourselfLook at his God" I had learned early one important thing, and that was to always teach in terms that the people couldunderstandAlso, where the Nationalists whom we had "fished" were almost all men, among thestorefront Christians, a heavy preponderance were women, and I had the sense to offer somethingspecial for them"Beautiful black womanThe Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that theblack man is going around saying he wants respect; well, the black man never will get anybody'srespect until he first learns to respect his own womenThe black man needs today to stand up andthrow off the weaknesses imposed upon him by the slavemaster white manThe black man needs tostart today to shelter and protect and respect his black women"One hundred percent would stand up without nike air max 2013+ hesitation when I said, "How many believe whatthey have heard?" But still never more than an agonizing few would stand up when I invited, "Willthose stand who want to follow The Honorable Elijah Muhammad?"I knew that our strict moral code and discipline was what repelled them mostI fired at this point, atthe reason for our code"The white man wants black men to stay immoral, unclean and ignorantAslong as we stay in these conditions we will keep on begging him and he will control usWe never canwin freedom and justice and equality until we are doing something for ourselves"The code, of course, had to be explained to any who were tentatively interested in becoming MuslimsAnd the word got around in their little storefronts quickly, which is why they would come to hear me,yet wouldn't join MrMuhammadAny fornication was absolutely forbidden in the Nation of IslamAny eating of the filthy pork, or other injurious or unhealthful foods; any use of tobacco, alcohol, ornarcoticsNo Muslim who followed Elijah Muhammad could dance, gamble, date, attend movies, orsports, or take long vacations from workMuslims slept no more than health requiredAny domesticquarreling, any discourtesy, especially to women, was not allowedNo lying or stealing, and noinsubordination to civil authority, except on the grounds of religious obligationOur moral laws were policed by our Fruit of Islam-able, dedicated, and trained Muslim menInfractions resulted in suspension by MrMuhammad, or isolation for various periods, or evenexpulsion for the worst offenses "from the only group that really cares about you" Temple Seven grew somewhat with each meetingIt just grew too slowly to suit meDuring theweekdays, I traveled by bus and trainI taught each Wednesday at Philadelphia's Temple TwelveIwent to Springfield, Massachusetts, to try to start a new templeA temple which MrMuhammadnumbered Thirteen was established there with the help nike air max 90 of Brother Osborne, who had first heard ofIslam from me in prisonA lady visiting a Springfield meeting asked if I'd come to Hartford, whereshe lived; she specified the next Thursday and said she would assemble some friendsAnd I was rightthereThursday is traditionally domestic servants' day offThis sister had in her housing project apartment about fifteen of the maids, cooks, chauffeurs and house men who worked for the Hartford-area whitepeopleYou've heard that saying, "No man is a hero to his valet" Well, those Negroes who waited onwealthy whites hand and foot opened their eyes quicker than most NegroesAnd when they went"fishing" enough among more servants, and other black people in and around Hartford, MrMuhammad before long was able to assign a Hartford temple the number FourteenAnd everyThursday I scheduled my teaching thereMrMuhammad, when I went to see him in Chicago, had to chastise me on some point during nearlyevery visitI just couldn't keep from showing in some manner that with his ministers equipped withthe power of his message, I felt the Nation should go much fasterHis patience and his wisdom inchastising me would always humble me from head to footHe said, one time, that no true leaderburdened his followers with a greater load than they could carry, and no true leader sets too fast apace for his followers to keep up"Most people seeing a man in an old touring car going real slow think the man doesn't want to gofast," MrMuhammad said, "but the man knows that to drive any faster would destroy the old carWhen he gets a fast car, then he will drive at a fast speed" And I remember him telling me anothertime, when I complained about an inefficient minister at one of his mosques, "I would rather have amule I can depend upon than a race horse that I can't depend upon"I knew that MrMuhammad wanted that fast car to driveAnd I don't think you could pick thesame number of faithful brothers and sisters from the Nation of Islam today and find "fishing" teamsto beat the efforts of those who helped to bring growth to the Boston, Philadelphia, Springfield,Hartford, and New York templesI'm, of course, just mentioning those that I knew most about becauseI was directly involvedThis was through 1955And 1955 was the year I made my first trip of anydistanceIt was to help open the temple that today is Number Fifteen-in Atlanta, GeorgiaAny Muslim who ever moved for personal reasons from one city to another was of course exhorted toplant seeds for MrMuhammadBrother James X, one of our top Temple Twelve brothers, hadinterested enough black people in Atlanta so that when MrMuhammad was advised, he told me togo to Atlanta and hold a first meetingI think I have had a nike air max 1 hand in most of MrMuhammad's temples,but I'll never forget that opening in AtlantaA funeral parlor was the only place large enough that Brother James X could afford to rentEverythingthat the Nation of Islam did in those days, from MrMuhammad on down, was strictly on ashoestringWhen we all arrived, though, a Christian Negro's funeral was just dismissing, so we had towait awhile, and we watched the mourners out"You saw them all crying over their physical dead," I told our group when we got inside"But theNation of Islam is rejoicing over you, our mentally deadThat may shock you, but, oh, yes, you justdon't realize how our whole black race in America is mentally deadWe are here today with MrElijahMuhammad's teachings which resurrect the black man from the dead " And, speaking of funerals, I should mention that we never failed to get some new Muslims when non-Muslims, family and friends of a Muslim deceased, attended our short, moving ceremony thatillustrated MrMuhammad's teaching, "Christians have their funerals for the living, our