theft, was Haidian District Procuratorate approved the arrest. Victim Zhang one in September 2009 to Beijing a vocational college student, a Mu, Liu assigned to the same bedroom. March 2011, a Muslim, Ryu through premeditated, Zhang lied to their understanding of the "Heige" To invest in a project to ensure that bonus money per month, the two of them were invested 10,000 yuan, has invested 10,000 yuan to Zhang. Zhang does not have much spare cash on hand, there is no answer. Two days later, a Muslim, Zhang Liu to fabricate a "Heige" messages sent to the name, said Zhang did not contribute due to involvement led to his investment failure, causing economic losses, compensation to Zhang et al. shox online Zhang helpless to Shangfudaoban of name, from the home to some of the 4,000 yuan to Mu, Liu, but the two did not give up on, he reparation "Heige" economic loss in the name of defrauding Zhang 6000. February 2011, Zhang flowers 4999 Yuan bought a iPhone4 phone the same year in April, a Muslim lied to buy a new dress, Liu Zhang took to the corridor to try clothes, left alone in a dorm Mu Zhang seized the opportunity to steal mobile phones go afterwards, the two will get stolen phones sold in Zhongguancun, split the stolen money. Zhang has purchased a new iPhone. weeks later, Mu Zhang lied to borrow a cell phone and his warranty card to repair their ITOUCH, Zhang believes that mobile NIKE SHOX SHOES phones will be handed over to the Muslim and Ryu. Zhang was gone for a while, Mu Zhang gave a call, lied just been robbed of their mobile phones. Later, two The phone will once again get the Zhongguancun fraudulently sold, and divide the proceeds. Additionally, the two also occasionally fabricated tuition lost his girlfriend pregnant no money surgery or other reasons, Zhang lied repeatedly to borrow cash. BEIJING, July 1 electric According to the "Macao Daily News" reported that the Macao Public Security Police Third District China mounted officers on June 29 afternoon,