It is reported that Feng Shao Feng This time back to the crew, will officially assume the "wolf dad" obligations, in addition to personally keep the wolf, the wolf to feed outside, the crew also arrange for intensive, detailed "keep the wolf Course" Theory and Practice-pronged approach, And Feng Shao Feng also from from "playmate" to "wolf dad" identity perfect transfiguration. Suspense action drama blockbuster "universal witness" recently announced September 17 release Autumn files, movies starring lineup, bringing together Honglei, Aaron Kwok, such as the strength of more than male stars, the production team behind the Oscar for Best Cinematography Nomination more gathered photographer Zhao Ding as well as several sessions Award for best editor Kwong Chi Leung and other medals creative. Coincided 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, held during the hot, according to industry sources: "" National witness "was originallyChristian Louboutin Online Shop on the film festival organizing committee selected the most thought closing film." Xiao Kai confirmation with the producer, because post-production time constraints, can not achieve the best quality film, directed by non-line requirements: "Everything to make way for the quality", the film side regrets missed this honor, the closing film ultimately determine the foreign film "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group."In order to faithfully restore the original, directed by Jean Jacques Arnold deliberately recruited a genuine pups, so that the actor William Feng Chen Zhen personally parenting, accompany it grows, thus allow personal experience to "love the wolf into a crazy" Chen array of the "wolf Son" favor. Rough cut piece has Christian Louboutin Toe Booties been recognized by the organizing committee "finalized" as the Film Festival Closing The 16th Shanghai International Film Festival has officially opened, following the American film "Monsters University" became the opening film, the closing film of this important award also led fans attention. In this regard, the "National witnessed" producer Xiao Kai for the first time revealed: "Shanghai Film Festival Organizing Committee has worked with us closely approached. After seeing the rough cut samples, they agreed that it was an extremely exciting story, the plot structure is novel and emotional resonance introduced a new type of China-made masterpiece, was like to invite "all the people witnessed" to do the closing film.