in accordance with the law, to obtain the household requires the following procedures: Vietnamese brides returning issued proof of marital status, with the national authorities issued identification and proof of residence, have a passport and visa to China, Chinese hospitals have child's birth certificate. If you have the above procedures and conditions, you can obtain a marriage license, to solve household and children's education and other issues. Vietnamese brides unable to return home and often apply these procedures, the final outcome is unable to obtain legal marital relationship, the child can not be settled, educational problems are not solved. Never do psychological counseling fifth fall dead Morning News (Reporter Chen Bo Wang Pan) Yesterday 11:00 and more, in Tian An Road, air jordan 2013 a counseling center, a 36-year-old man fell dead. District police station involved in the investigation, initially ruled out homicide. According to informed sources, the morning, the men in the family falls down to the second floor, accompanied by counseling center consulting experience and 11 o'clock, the man falling from the fifth floor. Families quickly dialed 120 for help, but ultimately failing to restore the man's life. After the incident, the district police station rushed to the scene and asked the relevant personnel, initially ruled out homicide. Morning News (Reporter Wu Water Conservation correspondent Lingui Long) day pondering how to raise several hundred thousand dollars for his son's engagement gifts, 62-year-old Zhang Air Jordan 2012 himself incapable of remorse, resulting in depression, committed suicide the day before yesterday afternoon at Jinjiangchendai. Day before 4 pm, in the town of Lake Village Jinjiangchendai village junction with the coasts within a ditch, a citizen saw a person on the tummy water, motionless, rushed to the police. Chendai police station alarm rushed to the scene and found the man had died. After investigation, the man is a local Zhang, 62 years old this year, the Department committed suicide. "Engagement gifts are to be crushed." Zhang's son told police that he had engaged a few days will, a person who is less than several hundred thousand dollars to raise engagement gifts and bruised and battered.