Melon: this summer the Knicks and Jackson-related discussion   ESPN news the Knicks star Anthony said publicly, the Knicks must do something on the free agent market.   Career averaged 25.2 points and Anthony ranks fourth among active players, and also to 12th place in NBA history. As a scorer, mt 2K16 Anthony has reached a history class. However, in addition to scoring beyond this matter, Anthony and two 31 's good friend so far away. Only 2 times in his career into the second round of the playoffs, postseason shooting slipped to 41.7%, such a data holding Anthony's back. Last year, injuries have knocked Anthony's door, about how much time he has to chase a Championship?   It is reported that at the beginning of this week, Anthony and Phil Jackson, President of the Knicks discussed the problems existing in the team. This conversation really well, but you can feel is Anthony want Jackson and management to upgrade the Knicks squad this summer.   "It depends on them, depend on them," Anthony said, "they had the opportunity to do something this offseason, our team had the opportunity to do something. We must do something about it. ” Homepage