Warrior and Kobe Bryant, the fittest industrial leather   Every age has a pioneer. There is no doubt that most current trends, or leading the trend, is the Golden State Warriors, they stand in the morning, like guess who the shooter fire a gun, buy MT Points aiming at a bunch of cans, heavily armored Knights. Indeed, just as advocates of chivalry as antediluvian, a large number of former legend and senior journalists for now shrugged off the Warrior, they applauded the road, determined that the Warriors did not so much-"73 WINS? I once did...... "   Times are changed. You look at Courie led the Warriors squandered a year was not easy for "reasonable" shot opportunities, but another median net; look almost never appears in the game opening ACE tit-for-tat; look of just over two meters short men stand in the Center area, Warrior of subversion is the customary perception of basketball over the years, but they can win, can win.   Crazy experiment on the field behind the pitch to be dense and elaborate data analysis – MIT Sloan sports Summit early in 2006 was founded 10 years ago, but the basketball world perception of data simple and disdain. Today, however, when warriors become the best representative of the data analysis, when all participants breath, wanted to find warriors against the natural transformation. www.nbamtcoin.com  
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