AFC started back to the old separatist disputes . April 14 -16, AFC Annual Review Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur , including the most heavyweight Board meeting . However, all participants have received a FIFA vice-president representing Asia , and an open letter to Jordan 's Prince Ali , Prince Ali letter to openly break with AFC main Xisaerman , blasted his playing personal politics , specializing in political struggle ignore the development of Asian football . West infighting , Chinese football diplomacy is to survive in the cracks .   A ripple . In recent months, the two heavyweights West Prince Ali and Salman rights struggle intensified in the last month of the FIFA Executive Committee , Salman asked "From January 2015 AFC President is automatically motion as FIFA vice-president " , hoping to force by FIFA , but Blatter clever crafty playing Tai Chi to FIFA refused on the grounds of non-interference Intercontinental FIFA affairs . For a long time , AFC President and FIFA VP Asia on behalf of these two positions are held by different persons , Harman era had once coveted for this position , but the AFC Prospectus has not been passed, until they were ousted day Haman nor when the FIFA Vice-President. In last year 's AFC AFC Conference Salman was elected the new chairman , representatives of Pakistan and Afghanistan had made ??the motion , but no one answered and .   However , we allow others to snoring sleep on the couch , trying to sweep the two major power Salman ambition has not stopped . In the Executive Committee meeting, promoted by the Salman Afghanistan, North Korea, Indonesia , Bahrain , Qatar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Yemen jointly by eight football "From January 2015 AFC President again automatically as FIFA Vice " motion seek to amend the articles of association AFC , this motion was the Special Representative of June 9 , held in Sao Paulo into the AFC agenda , once Salman will get two-thirds of the votes , the motion will be passed .   In January 2005 , all AFC senior positions will be re- election , including the AFC President, Vice President , FIFA Vice-President , Executive Committee and Chairman of individual committees can say indeed affect the whole body , Salman hopes to automatically serve as the Chairman of the AFC FIFA vice-chairman, natural re-elected as AFC boss have full odds and grasp.   Prince Ali said in an open letter accusing " AFC President most of the time and energy spent on lobbying , attempted to amend the Articles of Association of the AFC motion simply does not develop Guya Zhou football is now the AFC 's goal is to advance politics , but the AFC charters each individual democratic rights campaign , AFC President and FIFA Vice- election two positions must be separately football must be above politics . "   Valencia two chiefs struggle for power, to survive in the cracks China will sit on the sidelines . Next year in January , the AFC East , including China, also facing pressure campaign , but if Japan and South Korea will not agreed, the only one able to launch the campaign and AFC Vice-President of the FIFA executive committee candidates still in doubt .    
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