Let’s talk about the Texas weather. “What has that got to do with golf or the price of tea in China” you say. Well, if you golf, you’re going to be exposed to some kind of weather and it is usually going to be harsh. Rare are the days that are 68 degrees, light breeze and clouds covering the sun all day. You had better be prepared to play in something else because fair weather golfers don’t get to play in this State very much. I lived next door to Otis Evans. Otis, for all practical purposes was, well….a bum! He had no physical means of support, he lived in his brother’s house, he slept on park benches, he always needed a shave and his clothes, although clean, didn’t necessarily match. Otis however, was the most respected man in town! People would come up to him before going to play with perfect discount golf clubs and ask what the weather was going to do and he would say “It’s going to rain next Thursday”…..and it would rain every time he predicted it! When relating weather tales, always remember that your friends, enemies, relatives and playing partners will always try to one up your stories. I don’t know why, it just happens. Here are some weather stories you can relate to and one up if you feel the urge. Enjoy. Heat - We have a saying when playing summer golf with discount golf clubs of "Hit and Hunt for Shade." I try to drink plenty of water, wear chill tie, and go slow. I have found that this is not a good time to play tournaments as it is so hard to concentrate. I was with Terry Hancock in a tournament at Waterchase in Fort Worth and that is the only time I have actually wanted to quit with about four holes to play. It was just so miserably hot! I can’t take 115 degrees. Lightning - Boy howdy, am I ever scared of lighting. I was with David Brown at Bluebonnet Hill in Austin when we heard a faint rumble. We didn’t think much of it since it seemed way off in the distance. There are several towers located in this area as it is a high spot. We teed off on 7 and started driving down the cart path when all of a sudden KABOOM! I am told that a lightning strike is 50,000 degrees and I believe it because my face got hot. I told David it’s time to go and he said “That was my best drive of the day. I’ve just got to hit it to the green with my discount golf clubs”. He realized that he was holding a lightning rod and couldn’t bring it above shoulders. After he chunked it about three feet he turned and said “Let’s go”. COLD - It is so hard to swing when bundled up in layers. I used to play in a night league at a lighted par three in Waco called the Golf Ranch. It was so cold one night that we couldn’t swing. You can’t get any flex from your clubs and you need low compression balls or it feels like hitting a rock. I have seen Larry actually split some Top Flits when they were left in the cold in the trunk of his vehicle. But don't let the Texas weather stop you from playing this fun, frustrating, expensive, and rewarding game.