micro devices are acting as driver for the growth of the  green laser pointer  technology market.solid laser helps to prevent the wastage of materials in the active medium and produce both continuous and pulsed output at a higher efficiency.laser pointer devices produce the beam of light which is concentrated. it has been restored by laser pointer used inside the domitilla catacombs for the first time.market leading laser optics will be on display along with new products for fiber lasers and some of the most advanced laser heads and beam delivery solutions on the market. available in red or green, these lasers allow gun owners to effectively shoot from unorthodox positions. laser makers are restricted to producing visible lasers with an output of no more than 5 milliwatts. red lasers are not in danger of overheating or frying the diode. china's position in the worldwide laser marketplace, both as a consumer and a marketer of laser pointer.together owned more than 50 percent of the global industrial-laser market.the laser pointer market size is estimated in terms of revenue and production volume in this report. government regulations pertaining to the laser pointer market are also discussed in the report (***s://***htpow.com/300mw-green-high-power-laser-pointer-waterproof-adjustable-holster-p-1038.html***s://***htpow.com/highquality-500mw-burning-waterproof-red-laser-pointer-p-1067.html) .she also explained why the use of laser pointer was significant in the restoration project.the technology began as laser printers were first produced.