Rene at the meeting also revealed some details of Windows 8 upgrade software. She said, "Windows 8.1 upgrade will be able to very easily from the main screen of Windows conducted. Rene also said that so far, Microsoft Windows division has the Windows 8 operating system 739 updates provided by Windows 8.1 update will than previously. Rene did not disclose the Windows 8.1 for more details, iPhone 5 Cases such as Windows 8.1 will reset the Start button in the speech. Expected that the answers to these questions may be in the June 26 - Microsoft held in San Francisco Developers Conference, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Preview announced one by one. Rene did not disclose the Windows 8.1 for more details, but she explained that Microsoft on the Windows 8 operating system update strategy to achieve "both principles and flexible". Rene did not disclose specific when Microsoft released Windows 8.1 system, but she said the system will be listed in the winter before. She said that Microsoft has recognized the importance of this issue, and its hardware partners should be given sufficient time for the device to install the update, because they want to be able to before the advent of the prime shopping season, will be powered by Windows 8.1 update device onto the shelves