sad to see this great sacrifice of humnn life in so many of our large towns where tire productive industry of black grape 5s tlie country is most active, and where tlie science of the country is applied to almost every purpose, except the maintenance of the hygienic conditions on which men can live in health. It is satisfactory to observe at the same time traces of dawning light. michael kors outlet online London has undertaken great sewage Cheap jordan shoes outlet works  Manchester is already supplied with abundance of water  and we may michael kors store online liope to see jordans for sale ere long a generous rivalry in our cities in the race of improvement. When pure water on the constant supply system is brought to every house, and the dirt in cesspools, which is the source of zymotic disease, is carried awny to fructify the soil, the municipal black grape 5s sale autliorities will have laid the solid foundations michael kors handbags outlet of the sanitary edifice.  The inspection of articles of food by health officers, measures for the regulation of lodging-houses or of any of the houses in which fever is generated, and several other duties they may also undertake   but after all this air jordan shoes is done, the crowning success must be achieved by the people themselves. Temperance, self-control, and skill jordan shoes outlet in protecting Jordan Shoes For Sale themselves and their children from evil are every day called into requisition. The preservation of life depends upon careful attention to small things, and should be taught as michael kors outlet stores a part, of common education. Mr. Leigh's able air jordan 2013 Sanitary Report on Manchester shows how much has been done, and how much remains to lie done, in that city (see pp. 31, 32). It is to be regretted that Manchester lias yet no health officer, but it is indebted michael kors outlet to the Statistical and the Sanitary Societies for cheap jordan shoes the publication .of much valuable practical information. The remarkable fine and dry weather which had prevailed in September, continned during the first week in October  the barometer reading during this time was about 30 in.   at the cheap jordans shoes beginning of the second week there were indications of a change, the temperature fell, and the barometer michael kors purses outlet reading decreased on the 12th day to nearly 29 in., then decreased rapidly to 29-9 in. by the 15th, and decreased to below 29 in. by the 18th day  from this time rain fell very heavily, and heavy gales of wind were experienced  the weather continued stormy to the end of the month, rain falling in abundance.