Your feet could know if you shoes feel comfortable. You can say the real words after you wear it running. FREE5.0 assessment has three times and distance of 50KM. Someone do not have time during the day, they can only running in the night, because it is the first time to wear FREE5.0, I am afraid of it situation, so the distance is set around 10KM, it as an adaptation period.    Nike Free 5.0 fits very high and has unprecedented soft light. Everyone knows soft sole of Nike Free running men shoes, but it was the first time with such a light experience. The heel has a unique feeling when running, the feeling of the heel stuck in a groove make a kind of barefoot feeling, it is estimated that "mimic the physical structure of the shape of the heel", tat must be the one of the three major science and technology. Lightweight and minimalist type of running shoes also through a lot, it would not help with the palm forcing forward, which is main reason why the primary runner is not suitable for using such a long-distance running shoes. I was still put heel first landing with Nike Free run 5.0 shoes, same with the barefoot, is it because FREE5.0 has a large gap around the palm? But I have been compared with other landing lightweight shoes, the drops almost same with FREE5.0. The only possible explanation is that the physical structure of the shape of the heel, simulate barefoot feeling when touching the ground, not change their landing approach. 10KM running is very uncomfortable, except a little tough of the tongue (foot high), there is no other problems, it feels more lively and freedom.   Long distance must be a shut-off for each pair of shoes, no one want to buy a pair of shoes to run only 10KM or shorter. This distance is 25KM. Deliberately slowed down to experience the changes happening of the foot, because it has the foundation of barefoot before, last year it had 10 months of training barefoot, the foot and ankle strength has improve a lot, at 25KM long runs, FREE5.0 feet feel just a little stiff in the final two kilometers, may be it is the weight, stiff tread soles without other discomfort, in fact, other lightweight and minimalist feel about 25KM foot changing circumstances will arise, too heavy weight can not afford it. FREE5.0 shoes are so wonderful based on the slight situation, it is really be recommended.