Meeting at the Western BranchWhen business began, somequeries were introduced by some of their members for consideration, and, ifapproved, they were to be answered hereafter by their respective MonthlyMeetingsThey were the Pennsylvania queries, which had been examined by acommittee of Virginia Yearly Meeting appointed the last year, who made somealterations in them, one of which alterations was made in favour of a customwhich troubled me oakley deringer sunglasses   The query was, "Are there any concerned in the importation of negroes, or inbuying them after imported?" which was thus altered, "Are there any concernedin the importation of negroes, or buying them to trade in?" As one queryadmitted with unanimity was, "Are any concerned in buying or vending goodsunlawfully imported, or prize goods?" I found my mind engaged to say that, aswe profess the truth, and were there assembled to support the testimony of it,it was necessary for us to dwell deep and act in that wisdom which is pure, orotherwise we could not prosperI then mentioned their alteration, and,referring to the last-mentioned query, added, that as purchasing anymerchandise taken by the sword was always allowed to be inconsistent with ourprinciples, so negroes being captives of war or taken by stealth, it wasinconsistent with our testimony to buy them; and their being our fellow-creatures, and sold as slaves, added greatly to the iniquityFriends appearedattentive to what was said; some expressed a care and concern about theirnegroes; none made any objection by way of reply to what I said, but the querywas admitted as they had altered it   As some of their members have heretofore traded in negroes, as in othermerchandise, this query being admitted will be one step further than they havehitherto gone, and I did not see it oakley crankcase sunglasses my duty to press for an alteration, butfelt easy to leave it all to Him who alone is able to turn the hearts of themighty, and make way for the spreading of truth on the earth, by meansagreeable to his infinite wisdomIn regard to those they already had, I feltmy mind engaged to labour with them, and said that, as we believe theScriptures were given forth by holy men, as they were moved by the Holy Ghost,and many of us know by experience that they are often helpful and comfortable,and believe ourselves bound in duty to teach our children to read them; Ibelieved that if we were divested of all selfish views, the same good Spiritthat gave them forth would engage us to teach the negroes to read, that theymight have the benefit of themSome present manifested a concern to take morecare in the education of their negroes   Twenty-ninth Fifth Month-- At the house where I lodged was a meeting ofministers and eldersI found an engagement to speak freely and plainly to themconcerning their slaves; mentioning how they as the first rank in the society,whose conduct in that case was much noticed by others, were under the strongerobligations to look carefully to themselves -- expressing how needful it wasfor them in that situation to be thoroughly divested of all selfish views;that, living in the pure truth, and acting conscientiously towards those peoplein their education and otherwise, they might be instrumental in helping forwarda work so exceedingly necessary, and so much neglected amongst themAt thetwelfth hour the meeting of worship began, which was a solid meeting   The next day, about the tenth hour, Friends met to finish their business, andthen the meeting for worship ensued, which to me was a labourious time; butthrough the goodness of the Lord, truth, I believed, gained some ground, and itwas a strengthening opportunity to the honest-hearted   About this time I wrote an epistle to Friends in the back settlements ofNorth Carolina, as follows: -TO FRIENDS AT THEIR MONTHLY MEETING AT NEW GARDEN AND CANE CREEK, IN NORTHCAROLINA: -DEAR FRIENDS, -- It having pleased the Lord to draw me forth on a cheap oakley sunglasses visit tosome parts of Virginia and Carolina, you have often been in my mind; and thoughmy way is not clear to come in person to visit you, yet I feel it in my heartto communicate a few things, as they arise in the love of truthFirst, my dearfriends, dwell in humility; and take heed that no views of outward gain get toodeep hold of you, that so, your eyes being single to the Lord, you may be preserved in the way of safetyWhere people let loose their minds after thelove of outward things, and are more engaged in pursuing the profits andseeking the friendships of this world, than to be inwardly acquainted with theway of true peace, they walk in a vain shadow, while the true comfort of lifeis wantingTheir examples are often hurtful to others; and their treasuresthus collected do many times prove dangerous snares to their children   But where people are sincerely devoted to follow Christ, and dwell under theinfluence of His Holy Spirit, their stability and firmness, through a divineblessing, is at times like dew on the tender plants round about them, and theweightiness of their spirits secretly works on the minds of othersIn thiscondition, through the spreading influence of divine love, they feel a careover the flock, and way is opened for maintaining good order in the Society   And though we may meet with opposition from another spirit, yet, as there is adwelling in meekness, feeling our spirits subject, and moving only in thegentle, peaceable wisdom, the inward reward of quietness will be greater thanall our difficultiesWhere the pure life is kept to, and meetings ofdiscipline are held in the authority of it, we find by experience that they arecomfortable, and tend to the health of the body   While I write, the youth come fresh in my wayDear young people, choose Godfor your portion; love His truth, and be not ashamed of it; choose for yourcompany such as serve him in uprightness; and shun as most dangerous theconversation of those whose lives are of an ill savour; for by frequenting suchcompany some hopeful young people have come to great loss, and been drawn fromless evils to greater, to their utter ruinIn the bloom of youth no ornamentis so lovely as that of virtue, nor any enjoyments equal to those which wepartake of in fully resigning ourselves to the divine willThese enjoymentsadd sweetness to all other comforts, and give true satisfaction in company andconversation, where people are mutually acquainted with it; and as your mindsare thus seasoned with the truth, you will find strength to abide steadfast tothe testimony of it, and be prepared for services in the church   And now, dear friends and brethren, as you are improving a wilderness, andmay be numbered oakley eyewear outlet amongst the first planters in one part of a province, I beseechyou, in the love of Jesus Christ, wisely to consider the force of yourexamples, and think how much your successors ma