It is the Sabbath day, when, even if you were not weary with travel, rest and quiet would be congenial to you and to those who have come to greet you. Kind hands have provided such tributes of hospitality and thoughtfulness, as the black grape 5s sale notice of your coming has allowed  and now, in the name of this vast multitude, in the name of the whole people of Utica, in black grape 5s the name of the whole people of Oneida County, I assure you, once more, that a welcome and a God-bless-you is in the hearts, if not on the lips, of all, the young and the old.  Such was our reception cheap jordans shoes of the war-worn heroes of the 117th regiment. If by this demonstration they infer our appreciation of their services in subduing rebellion, and our joy at their return, no other reward is sought. Still to the Committee of Arrangements, and their efficient michael kors outlet stores Chairman, Son., Alrick Hubbell, and the ladies who assisted so faithfully, too much credit cannot be air jordan shoes awarded. jordan shoes outlet The success of the reception is their best praise." The list of Regimental Officers, at the time of its return, was michael kors outlet as follows  FIELD AND STAFF.  . . Colonel-Rufus Daggett, Brevet Brig. Gen. Lieutenant Colonel-F. X. Meyers. Major-Egbert Bagg. Surgeon-J. A. Mowris. . Chaplain-J. D. Jones. Assistant Surgeon-W. F. Day. Quarter Master-W. E. Richards. Adjutant-Charles H. Roys, jordans for sale transferred to 48th N. Y. V., and now A. C. M. LINE OFFICERS. Co. A-Captain, D. B. Magill, home wounded  Jordan Shoes For Sale 1st Lieut., G. W. Ross  2d Lieut., E. Cheap jordan shoes outlet M. Shorey, commanding company. Co. B-Captain, Harrison Pease  1st Lieut., John G. Glazier  cheap jordan shoes 2d Lieut., F. W. Olmsted. Co. C-1st Lieut., E. G. Skinner, acting Adjutant  2d Lieut., M. E. Johnson, commanding company. Co. D-Captain, F. H. Lay  1st Lieut., H. L. Adams, on detached service. Co. E-Captain, Wm. L. Bartholomew  1st Lieut., Wm. E. Pease  2d Lieut., F. E. Boden. Co. F-Captain, Wm. michael kors outlet online L. Hurlbert, A. air jordan 2013 D. michael kors store online C. on Major General Terry's staff  1st Lieut., Adelbert Ecker, commanding company. Co. michael kors purses outlet G-Captain, Algernon E. Smith, A. D. C, michael kors handbags outlet home wounded. Co. H-Captain, Almon R. Stephens  1st Lieut., J. H. Fairbanks, commanding company.