the window of the first floor is completely seal with cement. These "gate" blocked, lost the function of escape, disaster raid on the occasion, life is often faced with despair. The Jilin fire once again warns people, please leave enough life safety gate. We expect that this alarm, do not just a knock knock again.The original ecology of the observation of law enforcement, civil rights Nike Air Foamposite One where the closer the more clear. Enforcement power and civil rights around the contest and conflict, and the weak against the strong tend to focus on the grassroots of this contradiction-prone areas. Recently, occurred in Guizhou Hezhang County girl was handcuffed event, give us a "window."Rao Yao brought to police after splashing, net posts means the local official "paraded through the streets." Network Pictures As in the previous cases in other clashes, as disclosed in this event also began network exposure, and showing network version and the official version of the two distinct versions. According to the description of Internet postings, "Coke Hezhang County township secretary brutal law enforcement," the girl accidentally poured water washout caused the vehicle to the township government altercation, so "the 13-year-old police station long minors air foamposite one cough drop paraded handcuffed," and "street march back and forth down the street for up to 20 minutes. " Unlike this, cola township argument is given: urban farmers market in the renovation of a conflict with local residents, during which his daughter because households with dirty water splashed law enforcement by the police, brought to police, Two versions are very different from the reason to the fact, but still be able to find out from several "consensus" come to serve as the basis for discussion of public opinion. First, the presence of law enforcement officials and the public on the conflict, disagreement is whether law enforcement violence; Second, the existence of 13-year-old girl watering the fact that disagreement is whether intentional; Third, there is the girl brought to police the police, handcuffed to the fact that disagreement is whether the parade .For one point of difference, of course, to be a higher level of sectoral surveys making conclusions; however shocking is that ignoring these basic "consensus", cola township official on the matter after qualitatively gives two suggestions: "First Please county government clearly thorough investigation of the public security organs,