Nike Jordan 11 72-10 is one of the most innovative running shoe brand out there. While they do stick to some popular models for years (ie the 30 years history of the Nike Pegasus), they constantly introduce new technologies and with them, new names and classification. My first run in the LunarGlide 5 I thought aloud silky smooth.Jordan 11 That is my first impression, comfort built right into the texture of the shoe. The foot strike is soft, the insole is soft, the mesh upper is soft…This entire shoe just feels soft and silky. I doubt one could rub a blister except in the worst of conditions. As I laced up, I noticed within the first mile that I needed to make sure the lacing was equally tight at each of the Flywire loops.New Jordans 11 I had gotten a little over zealous on my knot and tied the last lace too tight, causing the thin Flywire strands to cut painfully into the top of my foot. I was forced to stop and loosen the lace. Once adjusted, this system proved to hold my foot very snuggly yet comfortably.