Preconditions before negotiations is to undermine peace, "the fastest way", in the past four years because of preconditions lead to fruitless peace talks.Netanyahu said: "It is a positive response to the problem and when the negotiations unless the start of negotiations, or negotiations will not end if the conditions for continuing negotiations began to negotiate, then it can not begin negotiations."Netanyahu also believes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the core of the Palestinian side has refused to recognize the Jewish state within any borders. Israel and his part, resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because they do not want Israel to become a binational state.Mediation by the United States government, Netanyahu and Abbas early September 2010 to restart direct peace talks in Washington, but only several weeks negotiating the Israeli settlements in the West Bank refused to extend the limit order and halt. Pakistan has been put in NIKE FREE TR the West Bank and Israel to stop building settlements in East Jerusalem as one of the prerequisites to resume peace talks.Refugees and security, borders and the status of Jerusalem constitute the core issue Israeli-Palestinian conflict. May 14, 1948, the Israeli declaration of statehood. The next day, the Arab States and Israel broke the first Middle East war, a large number of Palestinians inside Israel fled from fleeing war in other countries. After the war, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution giving the right of return of Palestinian refugees. Israel worried that if a large number of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel, Israel's demographic structure may change, resulting in the loss of the Jewish state of Israel attributes. We have some terrible Nike Free Run 5.0 decisions in the field, missed a lot of shots, the Miami Heat's victory is real. They found a way to win. "Duncan said that for reelection Finals MVP LeBron - James (37 points of the field and 12 rebounds and 4 assists), Duncan give high marks:" He's a good shooting touch, hitting a lot of balls, forcing us to Again and again adjust the defensive strategy. We could not find a way to limit him. "Spurs once to get match point, and very close to the victory in the sixth. Such a reversal, Duncan's disappointment was palpable. "Obviously, the most appropriate word is 'disappointed', I do not even know what to say. LeBron play unbelievable, Dwyane (Wade) the performance is great."Widely believed that this will be the Spurs championship combination of GDP last chance. But 37-year-old "old age" Duncan no intention of retiring yet. The defeat still stung "Stone Buddha" - "This is the seventh game will always remain in my mind, lingering."
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