In Lai and I intent to build a new acquisition to be reached, the Want Want Group suddenly appeared, and when the negotiations with the proposed acquisition of the higher amount. Support from employees and high amount of the acquisition of temptation, Want Want Group when the group eventually became a new shareholder.July 2009, when the acquisition of an attempt to enter the television industry after the failure of Jimmy Lai founded the Next TV. In this project, Lai burned nearly 70 billion New Taiwan dollars. Personnel expenses, depreciation of equipment, according to his own estimation, "to burn 100 million yuan NT month, every day a door, we will build a Kevin Durant Shoes Bentley vehicle propulsion nautical miles."To Next TV, all bets can be described Lai effort, even personally look over all trials with, specially flew to Japan to find animation companies. Unfortunately, this time he was not able to replicate the success on paper media. That year, "Next Magazine" and "Apple Daily" also in the printing and sales channels used by other Taiwan media boycott, but Lai himself established its own printing and sales channels, two paper media gained subversive success.The difference is that with the print media, television broadcasting need to obtain accreditation, followed by the need to broadcast nike kd 3 white black platform in the cable network landing. In obtaining a license, the Next TV twists and turns. First waited almost two years, before being from NCC (Taiwan's "National Communications Commission") to get integrated units, Movies, Sports license. July 20, 2011, always liked to wear casual wear Jimmy Lai rare wear a suit, personally went to NCC license applications covering subject matter described only won the most difficult news station license.But after winning the business license, Next TV still has not landed in Taiwan's main cable network, always at a loss, and lead to Jimmy Lai's Next Media Taiwanese businesses for sale.