Thanksgiving guy to buy a big watermelonLad Hezhi Nan is Changfeng County Yoshii countryman, these days he does not know what way to express gratitude Fangui Mei aunt. "I am just a few days with identity, if documents lost in big trouble." 1 July evening, he Fei from Evergreen Street South community a staff member took the purse, Fangui Mei just in the community doing cleaning, not been able to see above. She said the young man immediately call a number "Thank you," he insisted with 500 yuan for her, the phone Fangui Mei declined boy. She said that this is what you do, "You just work is not easy to earn money to honor their parents." Young man returned it after it was moved. Adidas F10 TRX AG Night without sleep, lamenting to encounter such a kindly aunt. "I do not know what to thank her, then gave her to buy a big watermelon." Early this morning, he was at the intersection bought a 20-pound watermelon, cycling to Fangui Mei lived in the area.The night found a walletFangui Mei year, more than 50 years old, her home in Evergreen Street South Fei River Community. Last year, she was in South Fei River communities do cleaning staff, working hours usually in the evenings. Wages are not high, only 700 yuan.June 27 evening, Fangui Mei and her daughter to go out in the bustling Avenue and Susong Road intersection, I saw the ground with a purse. NIKE MERCURIAL Suspected passers this wallet left behind, Fangui Mei picked up the wallet and found there are a lot of cash. She then told her, let her go, "could be the owner to be recruited along the way, so I'm here." That night, the flow of people in this little intersection, Fangui Mei saw someone approaching, it immediately took went to stare at people watching. "Did you fall purse?"Fangui Mei memories, lost wallet person must be very anxious, which has cash and documents, which are very important. Fangui Mei are picking up the wallet ID card Yijing Township, Changfeng County, a young man surnamed Ho,