if there is an appropriate time might want to say, but now that is to say more mistakes, so many people in the world, I say a word may be ten thousand kinds of people that hate me, like will hate me, ah, will not hate me because I finished explaining people will like me. Southern Entertainment Weekly: Why would anyone hate you? Ke Zhendong: They just look at that ...... Oh how I would think so, I do not know what they are doing, to see one-sided testimony of people always easy to compare excited. Southern Entertainment Weekly: You do not clarify, you will feel that you can not tell ah. Ke Zhendong: clarification and clarification are not the same, I clarified only someone in my Nike Mercurial Vapor IX new words spoken inside the bones, Present I said and, to the side of dgdagfa0702 things like this, too many inexplicable things out, I obviously in Taiwan, and reported that I was in Shanghai to play with my MTPs actually expired, very real things. Southern Entertainment Weekly: So you are not in love can not be disclosed, except to prevent false reports is that right? Ke Zhendong: I do not care ah, I do not want to be wrong, other things okay, do not hide. Southern Entertainment Weekly: guy like you, play the game and both are love idol, logically speaking it should be easy and drama actress rumored that there is no scandal you and Michelle Chen and Amber Kuo (micro-blog) (micro- Signal: amberkuo_0219) no scandal, it touches and looks not take NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR IX the side of people came out feeling that you have thought about this problem? Ke Zhendong: This is good ah, acting is acting, work is work, personal is personal. If it is because the feelings resulting from the work, you can also ah, can, feeling kind of thing is very natural, does not require an actor I love I will and actor. Southern Entertainment Weekly: You are not the media scandal for you to ask questions not worried? Ke Zhendong: I'm not worried, ask ah, ask I will not answer, I get angry every day, ah, I would call out, I have scolded the media on facebook,