Something within him protested that he was a hot-headed ass even as he went towards the door again. But he only went on the more resolutely. He crossed the hall, by the bar, and entered the room from which the remark had proceeded. He opened the door abruptly and stood nike free haven 3.0 scowling on them in the doorwayYou'll only make a mess of it," remarked the internal sceptic. There were five men in the room altogether: a fat person, with a long pipe and a great number of chins, in an armchair by the fireplace, who wished Mr. Hoopdriver a good evening very affably; a young fellow smoking a cutty and displaying crossed legs with gaiters ; a little, bearded man with a toothless laugh; a middle-aged, comfortable man with bright eyes, who wore a velveteen jacket; and a fair young man, very genteel in a yellowish-brown ready-made suit and a white tieH'm," said Mr. Hoopdriver, looking very stern and harsh. And then in a forbidding tone, as one who consented to no liberties, "Good evening Very pleasant day we've been 'aving," said the fair young man with the white tieVery," said Mr. Hoopdriver, slowly; and taking a brown armchair, he planted it with great deliberation where he faced the fireplace, and sat down. Let's see--how did that speech begin? Very pleasant roads about here," said the fair young man with the white tieVery," said Mr. Hoopdriver, eyeing him darkly. Have to begin somehowThe roads about here are all right, and the weather about here is all right, but what I've come in here to say is--there's some damned unpleasant people--damned unpleasant people!" Oh!" said the young man with the gaiters, apparently making a mental inventory of his pearl buttons as he spokeHow's that?" Mr. Hoopdriver put his hands on his knees and stuck out his elbows with extreme angularity. In his heart he was raving at his idiotic folly at thus bearding these lions,--indisputably they WERE lions,--but he had to go through with it now. Heaven send, his breath, which was already getting a trifle spasmodic, did not suddenly give out. He fixed his eye on the face of the fat man with the chins, and spoke in a low, impressive voiceI came here, nike air max wright sir," said Mr. Hoopdriver, and paused to inflate his cheeks, "with a lady Very nice lady," said the man with the gaiters, putting his head on one side to admire a pearl button that had been hiding behind the curvature of his calfVery nice lady indeed I came here," said Mr. Hoopdriver, "with a lady We saw you did, bless you," said the fat man with the chins, in a curious wheezy voiceI don't see there's anything so very extraordinary in that. One 'ud think we hadn't eyes Mr. Hoopdriver coughedI came, here, sir--" We've 'eard that," said the little man with the beard, sharply and went off into an amiable chuckleWe know it by 'art," said the little man, elaborating the point. Mr. Hoopdriver temporarily lost his thread. He glared malignantly at the little man with the beard, and tried to recover his discourse. A pauseYou were saying," said the fair young man with the white tie, speaking very politely, "that you came here with a lady A lady," meditated the gaiter gazer. The man in velveteen, who was looking from one speaker to another with keen, bright eyes, now laughed as though a point had been scored, and stimulated Mr. Hoopdriver to speak, by fixing him with an expectant regardSome dirty cad," said Mr. Hoopdriver, proceeding with his discourse, and suddenly growing extremely fierce, "made a remark as we went by this door Steady on!" said the old gentleman with many chins. ,Steady on! Don't you go a-calling us names, please One minute!" said Mr. HoopdriverIt wasn't I began calling names ("Who did? said the man with the chins.) "I'm not calling any of you dirty cads. Don't run away with that impression. Only some person in this room made a remark that showed he wasn't fit to wipe boots on, and, with all due deference to such gentlemen as ARE gentlemen" (Mr. Hoopdriver looked round for moral support), "I want to know which it was Meanin'?" said the fair young man in the air max 90 white tieThat I'm going to wipe my boots on 'im straight away," said Mr. Hoopdriver, reverting to anger, if with a slight catch in his throat--than which threat of personal violence nothing had been further from his thoughts on entering the room. He said this because he could think of nothing else to say, and stuck out his elbows truculently to hide the sinking of his heart. It is curious how situations run away with us'Ullo, Charlie!" said the little man, and "My eye!" said the owner of the chins. 'You're going to wipe your boots on 'im?" said the fair young man, in a tone of mild surpriseI am," said Mr. Hoopdriver, with emphatic resolution, and glared in the young man's faceThat's fair and reasonable," said the man in the velveteen jacket; "if you can The interest of the meeting seemed transferred to the young man in the white ticOf course, if you can't find out which it is, I suppose you're prepared to wipe your boots in a liberal way on everybody in the room," said this young man, in the same tone of impersonal questionThis gentleman, the champion lightweight--" Own up, Charlie," said the young man with the gaiters, looking up for a momentAnd don't go a-dragging in your betters. It's fair and square. You can't get out of it Was it this--gent?" began Mr. HoopdriverOf course," said the young man in the white tie, "when it comes to talking of wiping boots--" I'm not talking; I'm going to do it," said Mr. Hoopdriver. He looked round at the meeting. They were no longer antagonists; they were spectators. He would have to go through with it now. But this tone of personal aggression on the maker of the remark had somehow got rid of the oppressive feeling of Hoopdriver contra mundum. Apparently, he would have to fight someone. Would he get a black eye? Would he get very much hurt? Pray goodness it wasn't that sturdy chap in the gaiters! Should he rise and begin? What would she think if he brought a black eye to breakfast to-morrow?"Is this the man?" said Mr. Hoopdriver, with a business-like calm, and arms more angular than everEat 'im!" said the little man with the beard; "eat 'im straight orf Steady on!" said the young man in the white tieSteady on a minute. If I did happen to say--" You did, did you?" said Mr. Hoopdriver. Backing out of it, Charlie?" said the young man with the gaitersNot a bit," said CharlieSurely we can pass a bit of a joke--" I'm going to teach you to keep your air max 1 jokes to yourself," said Mr. HoopdriverBray-vo!" said the shepherd of the flock of chinsCharlie IS a bit too free with his jokes," said the little man with the beardIt's downright disgusting," said Hoopdriver, falling back upon his speechA lady can't ride a bicycle in a country road, or wear a dress a little out of the ordinary, but every dirty little greaser must needs go shouting insults--" _I_ didn't know the young lady would hear what I said," said Charlie Surely one can speak friendly to one's friends. How was I to know the door was open--" Hoopdriver began to suspect that his antagonist was, if possible, more seriously alarmed at the prospect of violence than himself, and his spirits rose again. These chaps ought to have a thorough lessonOf COURSE you knew the door was open," he retorted indignantlyOf COURSE you thought we should hear what you said. Don't go telling lies about it. It's no good your saying things like that. You've had your fun, and you meant to have your fun. And I mean to make an example of you, Sir  
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