Paris Saint-Germain's fut 16 coins star striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was caught on camera throwing a rant, after his club was defeat 3-2 by Bordeaux on Sunday.   After the fixture, the Swede went off on the referee out of frustration–making some obscene remarks about French football. "Wake up, wake up! We don't play amateurs. Wake up! I have never seen this in my 15 years football. F*****g a*****e. Played 15 years never seen referee this s*** (country). Don't even deserve PSG should be in this country," Ibrahimovic vented to referee, Lionel Jeffredo, who made a number of contentious decisions against PSG.   Ibrahimovic was taken out of context when he referred to France as a "s**t country" and later on apologized on social media.   Recently, Ibrahimovic was sent off the field due to a poor decision by the ref in a Champions League match against Chelsea where he branded the Blues as a team of "11 babies".   Ibrahimovic is getting frustrated by the referees and he is just acting out now. Take a look at the upset Ibrahimovic in the video below.