Redundancy, reducing expenses, restructuring the enterprises, enterprises enriched by the results of common practice, Panasonic is no exception. It is reported that the struggling Panasonic plans to slash the president Jin He Yihong and the upcoming June as vice president of Evergreen week for 60% of the remuneration, the rest of the members were cut 30% of the remuneration. In addition, to improve its financial position, iPhone 5 Cases has also sold a part of the stock market value of about 100 billion yen, Toyota, Honda and other enterprises. The sell stocks withdrawn funds will be used to repay corporate bonds and interest-bearing liabilities coming due. According to media reports, Panasonic had excess plasma TV investment leading to deterioration of performance, coupled with the acquisition of Sanyo Electric, significantly reduce the capital on hand, funds on hand as of December 2012, Panasonic remaining 541.4 billion yen, with the relative interest-bearing liabilities of about 1.52 trillion yen, Matsushita said, to improve its financial situation, the future will continue to sell the stock and real estate held. Panasonic's acquisition of Sanyo mainly for the development of new energy battery business, but this business is still nurturing period, and the measures taken its business after the acquisition of Sanyo, two to three years will affect the business related results. "Wu salty built that Panasonic Forward environmentally friendly business transformation, and this transformation of pain is greater than the number of successful environmental protection enterprises. Wu Xian Jian pointed out that Panasonic's transformation recreating a new Panasonic, in the case of the global economic downturn, iPhone 5 Cases NFL the global market demand for environmentally friendly products and green living, will be to a certain extent. Panasonic is still in the "rejection burden" stage, to be a "burden" to get rid of and structured business, Panasonic is still hope of a turnaround.