Explore the sensational effect compared with the previous two, the excavation results of the announcement also triggered a strong media attention at home and abroad, to form a strong “radiation wave”. Through in-depth interview of the reporter found that the wavelength of this radiation is not limited to the heritage value, humanistic connotation level, Shaanxi tourism pottery vases industry, far-reaching impact of the Xi’an urban development is also increasingly clear. As one of mankind’s most important archaeological relics, the Terracotta Warriors archaeological process has attracted worldwide attention. June 13, 2009, in the silence of more than 20 years after Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum began the third large-scale archaeological excavations. After three years of hard unearthed figurines, traveling, weapons, and production tools, a wide range of items a total of 310 pieces (group), three groups of pottery horses and 12 more than 120 pieces, figurines; clean-up chariots 2 x , drums of war 2, weapons weapon handle of bamboo strips 10 crossbow arrows Fu 12, a paint shield, while building materials traces of rust traces, such as wood, seats, tamping nest many. According to the staff of the pottery vases Cultural Relics Bureau of Shaanxi Province, June 9 this year, the seventh cultural heritage, the main venue of the promotional activities of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Shaanxi Province on Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum. The hospital also take this opportunity to advance come up with detailed promotional planning, joint CCTV, Shaanxi TV, through live from the scene of the outside world announced significant results of the third excavation of the terracotta figures. The newly discovered about 30 incoming one hundred play figurines can be described as an “underground entertainment Acrobatic Team”, they build different funny facial expressions, different action, acrobatics, and court performance relevant. The most amazing one is not the head, 2.2-meter-high giant figurines, experts say, plus figurines head not less than 2.3 m, is even higher than Yao Ming. Three years ago, known as “the world’s eighth wonder of the Terracotta Army Pit initiation of the third archaeological excavation, now a series of ground-breaking archaeological results also penetrate deep historical pottery vases night light Xi’an.Xi’an city become more and more popular in the world.