72 WINS! Through the miracle of 20 years of epoch-making 1 warrior only one step   The Golden State Warriors on the road with a 92-86 victory over the San Antonio Spurs, made the 72nd win of the season.   72 WINS in NBA history the single highest regular season wins. buy mt 1995-96 season, the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls had made impressive record of 72 WINS and 10 losses. Today, the Braves tied the Bulls sign.   For the Braves, this is really a fantastic season. Last season, they again after 40 years lifted the Championship trophy. But last offseason, Braves coach Steve Cole received two back surgeries, and indefinite truce announced at the beginning of training camp.   In this case, young Assistant Luke Walton warriors stepped in, he served as the Acting Manager of the mighty, and led the Warriors played the regular season. At that time might not be how many people would have thought that Walton's coaching record was so amazing. Start 24 WINS and 0 losses, create the best start record in NBA history. Before Kohl comeback, the Warriors are 39 WINS and 4 losses. visit homepage  
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