Last section of Haddon crazy attack. After the Lakers lead into 91-93, harden, and Terry have been shot. Harden thereafter succeeded twice in three minutes, the rockets extended the advantage to 108-96. Both teams started world war three, Beverley and Trevor Ariza hit three points, buy nba 2k16 mt and Clarkson and Russell have been successful long shot for the Lakers.   Bryant twice in the three-point line caused foul game with 3 minutes 14 seconds remaining, his three penalties and three, this was the last time he was in Houston to score. Since then he had two steals, but missed. When the game with 1 minute 41 seconds, he was benched.Bryant fined three balls later, the Lakers again failed to score, the rockets to a 10-0 the end of the game, continued into the postseason hopes. (Angkor)   Rockets forward Corey Brewer says fans should give Bryant the applause. "Kobe is one of the greatest players," Brewer said, "I am very happy to be in an alliance with Kobe for 9 years. When I first came into the League, my first playoff, our opponent is Kobe Bryant. It was a great series. I'm in Denver (Denver Nuggets), and when he had to. Kobe is one of the greatest players, this is what you can evaluate. He must be (all) standing ovation. It's Kobe Bryant, man. A legend is about to leave the game. ” Click Here