"As to my re-election," replied Mr. Lincoln, "it matters not. We must have the men. If I cheap mk purses outlet go tiffany & outlet down, I intend to go, like the Cumberland, with my colors flying!" ALL WERE TRAGEDIES. The cartoon reproduced below was published in "Harper's Weekly" on January 31st, 1863, the explanatory text, underneath, reading in this way: MANAGER LINCOLN: "Ladies and gentlemen, I cheap michael kors 2013 outlet regret to say that the tragedy entitled 'The Army of the Potomac' has been withdrawn on account of quarrels among the leading performers, and I have substituted three new and striking farces, or burlesques, one, entitled 'The Repulse of Vicksburg,' tiffany co outlet by the well-known favorite, E. M. Stanton, Esq., and the others, 'The Loss of the Harriet Lane,' and 'The Exploits of michael kors handbags outlet the Alabama'--a very sweet thing in farces, I assure you--by the veteran composer, Gideon Welles.  (Unbounded applause by the Copperheads)." In July, after this cartoon appeared, the Army of the Potomac defeated Lee at Gettysburg, and sounded the death-knell of the Confederacy; General Hooker, with his corps from this tiffany bracelets Army opened the Tennessee River, thus affording some relief to the Union troops in Chattanooga; Hooker's men also captured Lookout Mountain, and assisted in cheap michael kors Bags store outlet taking Missionary Ridge. General Grant converted the farce "The Repulse of Vicksburg" into a tragedy for the Copperheads, taking that stronghold on July 4th, and Captain Winslow, with the tiffany pendants Union cheap mk bags outlet man-of-war Kearsarge, meeting the Confederate privateer Alabama, off the coast of France, near Cherbourg, fought the famous ship tiffany earrings to a finish tiffany keyrings and sunk her.  Thus the tragedy of "The Army of the Potomac" was given after all, and Playwright Stanton and Composer Welles were vindicated, their compositions having been received by the public with great favor. "HE'S THE BEST OF US." Secretary of State Seward did not appreciate tiffany jewelry outlet President Lincoln's ability until he had been associated with him for quite a time, but he was awakened to a full realization of the greatness of the Chief Executive "all of a sudden." Having submitted "Some Thoughts for the President's Consideration"--a lengthy paper intended as an outline of the policy, both domestic tiffany & co outlet and foreign, the Administration should pursue--he was not more surprised at the magnanimity and kindness of michael kors store online President Lincoln's reply than the thorough mastery of the subject displayed tiffany cufflinks by the Michael kors outlet President.  A few months later, when the Secretary had begun to understand tiffany sets Mr. Lincoln, he was quick and generous to michael kors outlet online acknowledge his power. "Executive force and vigor are rare qualities," he wrote to Mrs. Seward. "tiffany outlet  The President is the best of tiffany charms us." HOW LINCOLN "COMPOSED." tiffany rings Superintendent tiffany and co outlet Chandler, of the Telegraph Office in the War Department, once told how michael kors purses outlet President Lincoln wrote telegrams. Said he: "Mr. Lincoln frequently michael kors outlet stores wrote telegrams tiffany necklaces in my office. His method of composition was slow and laborious. It was evident that he thought out what he was going to say before he touched his pen to the paper. He would sit looking out of the window, his tiffany engagement rings left elbow on the table, his hand scratching his temple, his lips moving, and frequently he spoke the sentence aloud or in a half whisper.