None of them, however, have experienced the same degree of touchiness out tiffany rings of the New Tuscans." Alquezar nodded slowly, his frown thoughtful. "According to Commander Denton's inquiries, almost all of the New Tuscan ships which his personnel had boarded in the last ten local days prior to his dispatch had demonstrated the same pattern of behavior. The ships' officers were tiffany pendants confrontational, acted as if they were highly suspicious of our personnel's motivations, cooperated as grudgingly as possible with requests for documentation and inspection, and generally appeared to tiffany charms be attempting to deliberately provoke naval personnel into some sort of open incident. Not only that, but Commander Denton suspects that in at least several of these cases the New Tuscans were using shipboard surveillance systems to record the entire episode.   "Because of those suspicions, he arranged to surreptitiously record michael kors outlet stores several of our inspection visits himself. Obviously, I haven't had the time yet to view those records in their entirety myself. I have, however, viewed several clips which he included with his official report, and he sent the full recordings with them. At cheap mk purses outlet the moment, Commander Chandler and Captain tiffany necklaces Shoupe are viewing those records but, to be honest, I don't expect the result tiffany co outlet of their examination to change my own impression, which is that Commander Denton has accurately tiffany engagement rings summarized the situation. There's very tiffany keyrings little question in my mind that the New Tuscans, for whatever reason, are deliberately pushing our personnel—and specifically our naval personnel—in what I tiffany and co outlet can only construe as an cheap mk bags outlet effort to provoke some sort of incident." "Forgive me, Admiral," Lababibi put in, "but if this had only been happening for less than two T-weeks before the tiffany jewelry outlet Commander became aware of it, how many such visits could there have been?  I mean, I don't tiffany cufflinks question your observations, I'm simply wondering how large a base we have for drawing tiffany & co outlet conclusions?" "As a matter of fact, Madam Secretary," it michael kors handbags outlet was obvious Khumalo tiffany outlet hadn't taken any sort of offense from Michael kors outlet Lababibi's question, "that's one of the reasons I think Commander Denton may have put his finger on something important here. In tiffany bracelets the ten local days before he sent his dispatch, six New Tuscan-registered merchant ships visited Pequod." "Six?" Bernardus Van Dort sat suddenly upright in his chair, and Khumalo nodded. "Is that number significant, Bernardus?" Lababibi michael kors outlet online asked, looking at her colleague, and Van Dort snorted harshly. "tiffany sets  You might say that, Samiha," he replied. "I know we're all still in michael kors store online the process of really coming to have a good feel for the other star systems in the Quadrant with us, but, believe me, michael kors purses outlet Pequod is not Spindle. As the Secretary of the Treasury, I'm sure you're aware that it's nowhere near as poverty-stricken as Nuncio, but it's a much, much poore handing it to me, he would read it to me.  Before beginning to read he said, 'This is a confidential and secret tiffany & outlet message. No one besides my Cabinet and myself knows anything about it, and we are all sworn to secrecy. I am going to swear you in as one tiffany earrings of my Cabinet.' "And then he said to me in a jocular way, 'Hold cheap michael kors 2013 outlet up cheap michael kors Bags store outlet your right hand,' which I did.