Although I was but seven or eight years of age, Mr. Lincoln's visits were of such importance to us boys as to leave a clear tiffany necklaces impression on my memory. He drove out to the place quite frequently. We boys, for hours at tiffany jewelry outlet a time tiffany & co outlet played 'town ball' on the vast lawn, and Mr. Lincoln would join ardently in the sport. I remember vividly how he ran with the children; how long were his strides, and how far his coat-tails stuck out behind, tiffany earrings and how we tried to hit him with the ball, as he ran the bases. He entered into the spirit of the play as completely as any of us, and we invariably hailed his coming with delight." HIS PASSES TO RICHMOND NOT HONORED. A man called upon the President and solicited a pass for Richmond. "Well," said the President, "I michael kors outlet online would be very happy to oblige, if my passes tiffany & outlet were respected; but the fact is, sir, I have, within the past two years, given passes to two hundred and fifty thousand men to go to Richmond, and not one has got there yet. " The applicant quietly and respectfully withdrew on his tiptoes. "PUBLIC HANGMAN" FOR THE UNITED STATES. A certain United tiffany bracelets States Senator, who believed that every man who cheap mk purses outlet believed in secession should be hanged, asked the President what he intended to do when the War was over. "Reconstruct the machinery of this Government," quickly replied Lincoln. "You are certainly crazy," was the Senator's heated response. "You talk as if treason tiffany cufflinks was not henceforth tiffany outlet to be made odious, but that the traitors, cheap michael kors 2013 outlet cutthroats and authors of michael kors purses outlet this War should not only michael kors outlet stores go unpunished, but receive encouragement to repeat their treason michael kors handbags outlet with impunity! cheap mk bags outlet They should be hanged higher than tiffany charms Haman, sir! Yes, higher than any malefactor tiffany pendants the world has ever known!" The President was entirely unmoved, but, after a moment's pause, tiffany engagement rings put a question which all but drove his visitor insane.  "Now, Senator, suppose that when this hanging arrangement has been agreed upon, you accept the post cheap michael kors Bags store outlet of Chief Executioner. If you will take the office, I will make you a brigadier general and tiffany and co outlet Public Hangman for the United States. That would just about suit you, wouldn't it?" "I am a gentleman, sir," returned the Senator, "and I certainly thought you knew me better than to believe me capable of doing such tiffany sets dirty work. You are jesting, Mr. President." The President was tiffany co outlet extremely patient, exhibiting no signs of ire, and to this bit of temper on the part of Michael kors outlet the Senator responded: "You speak of being a gentleman; yet you forget that in this free country all men are equal, the vagrant and the gentleman standing on the same ground when it comes to rights and tiffany rings duties, particularly in time of war. Therefore, being michael kors store online a gentleman, as you claim, and a tiffany keyrings law-abiding citizen, I trust, you are not exempt from doing even the dirty work at which your high spirit revolts.    
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