United Kingdom of the Sun revealed an arsenal fans heart news, although the Gunners had been to introduce a Dortmund player Royce, but sources revealed that small rockets joined the Gunners aren't interested, and the reason he is worried that arsenal cannot win. Royce with Dortmund's FIFA Coins contract expires in the summer of 2017, while Dortmund hopes with its complete renewal many times and cancel the buyout clause in the contract, but Royce did not budge, which makes his next summer move to become more likely. Allegedly, Royce penalty clauses in the contract was only 20 million pounds, which means that a team as long as the agreement with Royce himself, so next summer will be able to take small rockets at low prices. If Royce core left, so many Premiership clubs are expected to land the Germany international, arsenal is one, after United Kingdom media repeatedly revealed Wenger is interested in Royce, however, news from the Sun newspaper said, according to a person close to Royce small rocket has no willingness to join arsenal, "Royce wanted to win the Championship, he fears that arsenal do not have access to. ” Arsenal won the FA Cup last season, ended the embarrassment of many years without a trophy, but judging from this season, the Gunners Buy FIFA Coins unable to challenge the Premier League champion, therefore, Royce categorically will not choose competitive arsenal, which is also understandable. Given Chelsea's Premier League clubs also interested in reus, Arsenal's natural there is little advantage in the competition. Royce dig to, another Germany striker Lukas Podolski wants to defect, in an interview, Polti revealed a willingness to leave, "I have to think about, what will happen in the winter, and tried to talk to the Club about it. My current position in the team is not satisfied. I have interest in football, but if you are unable to play, I'm not happy about it. I don't know why this would happen, people have to ask the coach FUT 15 Coins of England. People can't say that, of course, I was in crisis, because I did not get the chance to show themselves. I have to make every effort in training, but often can only get 8-10 minute of time in the game, it's very difficult, but that is more than enough to warm up. ” Messages from the daily Express, said arsenal's other big targets Sami Khedira might refuse to join the gunners, it is because he sees his Germany fellow ozil in the Premier League is very unhappy, and if it cannot introduce face arsenal in defensive midfield still unable to idealistic new aid.http://www.fifa15buy.com