Have you been wondering what all these horribly ugly Christmas sweaters you have been seeing around your city or town lately? Can quite understand why someone would want to wear such a ridiculous looking Christmas sweater? Are you starting to be concerned that perhaps people are starting to lose their minds? Well fear not! Ugly Christmas sweaters have been around since the early 1980 and recently have started to make a comeback! Back in the 80, Christmas sweaters depicting reindeer, santa, santa wife, frosty the snowman, elves and many other holiday characters started popping up on wool and acrylic sweaters. No one is really sure if the designers were actually trying to make an ugly Christmas Sweater or just a normal Christmas sweater and most of them happened to be ugly, but one thing is for certain ?when you look at these sweaters in the 21st century ?they are hideous! Recently people have started to fall back in love with these articles of clothing and have started to plan complete parties completely based on them. Many people go digging into their parents closets looking for some of these sweaters only to find torn, moth eaten dirty sweaters and definitely fit the bill as ugly but perhaps are not wearable. In the last few years this ugly Christmas sweater trend has even started http://www.christianlouboutinus.com/to spawn some full fledged companies that are creating new Christmas sweaters. They are not ugly in the exact same sense of the word as your mothers sweater may be, but they are surely unique. They often will feature many of the same characters listed above but with a twist to bring them into the 21st century. They are also extremely unique and help the wearer truly stand out in a crowd. They are also becoming extremely popular with skiers and snow boarders. Always looking to turn some heads the snow bound population has turned their eyes onto this new wave of gly?or tacky Christmas sweaters. These new stores seem to be benefiting from both the ugly Christmas sweater trend and from the new fondness these athletes have found . The way things are going this ugly Christmas sweater trend will keep growing and keep moving more and more people back into a hybrid style of the 80 and the 10. They may be interesting outfits but they certainly keep things fun! Have fun with your ugly Christmas sweater party this year!