HV opened its first store, by the end of April, and in the United States, Singapore, Canada, Italy and other countries and regions to establish business relations. HV established four calm brand processing manufacturer, formed a set product development, production base, market development, marketing management, wholesale distribution, financial information and so on six big center of modern enterprise management architecture, design and production of the bra, underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, beach DiaoZhengXing, clothing, pajamas and so on six big series of products, annual output reached more than 800. In today's competitive market, HV lingerie company's survival and development depends on innovation. In terms of market, we HV after continuous exploration, formed the dominated by independent, take the network as the carrier, mainly USES the online store business, wholesale and order custom, etc. Three models to develop the market.www.hvtextile.com In product research and development, the company every year, in a planned way to send out technical designers study view, attend the industry's high-end activity. "Through contact with the world's top brands, to broaden horizons, active thinking, help us with international popular practice, let the market to accept the new product." Relevant person in charge of ancient and modern, said the 'eye' is very important, the key is constantly new products. At the same time we also rely on factory production lines, advanced modern business management pattern, ERP system using CAD software technology, and constantly promote the core competitiveness of the product, the inexhaustible vitality for brand development." HV company developed in 2007 for girl groups vest, bra, underwear and homewear has launched the "slightly uplift", "the initial curve", "lovely" three ages of series products, guide the girl according to the form, function, seasonal factors, such as a carefully selected fine happy, intimate, personalized underwear, HV also actively develop high-end lingerie market. It is understood that in order to develop online shopping market HV company also established the online department last year, and next year in alibaba web sites such as the official online store.