Thus, the family bought several times more than last winter, frozen pear, which, I am happy time came. Guarding pots, put frozen pear ice shell from a pull out, eat hearty. Frozen pear look too much, my mother also invented a way to put frozen pear cut into pieces, placed in the pot, add some sugar, cook a few boil, this is a canned fruit. Each containing a large bowl with the spoon even pears meat to your mouth with water, ground. That winter, has become my life the happiest season.Over the years, fruit continuously throughout the year. Even in winter, including tropical fruits, including varieties no longer a rarity. Available every winter, I always think of frozen pear. Home occasionally buy some NIKE KOBE 8 I do not know the relationship between varieties or tastes have changed, in short, I am in any case, could not eat the kind of childhood taste. 23 Pakistani police said that at least nine foreign tourists and a guide in the northern Gilgit Pakistan region by armed attacks killed. Two Chinese citizens were killed, a Chinese citizen rescued. Chinese man killed two climbers Yang Chunfeng and Rao Jianfeng, both Chinese folk Chogori first successful ascent climbers. Pakistani Taliban claimed to launch the attack.After the cold-blooded assailants shot wake up the sleeping tourists. It is understood that zoom kobe 8 south beach the attack, in addition to Chinese tourists, the other victims, including a Russian man, five Ukrainians and a local guide in Pakistan.Pakistani police said that the dead are mostly climbers, are staying in a hotel in Gilgit region Nanjia Mountain next camp. Witnesses said that about 10 to 12 militants involved in the attack, the attackers wearing apparel local security forces to enter the hotel, they wake up the sleeping tourists, ordered them to shoot them out of the hotel.Local police initially defined as those killed, 11 were later changed to 10 people, which analysts say could be one lucky escape.