It's quite convenient that TV dramas can be recorded to other devices to be enjoyed with PVR not just can be watched on TV. You can watch as many times as you want, also you can speed and go back to a specific place. You can adjust a recorded drama to your preference. What if you want those recorded files to be edited in iMovie? Many people would like to edit files in iMovie. PVR files are those cannot be put into iMovie. The reason why you can't literally put your recorded PVR episodes into devices or softwares like iMovie, iPad, iPhone, iPod is that the format cannot match all the time. PVR records episodes as the format of PVR, while devices require some other formats like MP4, M4V. So how can we balance this problem? Anyway, it's not a big deal. The format can be transferred. We can transfer PVR to iPhone . While using this PVR Converter , you can free transfer PVR files to nearly any kind of format you want, including convert PVR to MKV , PVR to WMV or even PVR to AVI . And now I want to demonstrate the usage of the Mac PVR software to transfer PVR files to iMovie. First of all, you should download the PVR converter before anything. By the way, please export the PVR recorded files to your Mac in order to do the further conversion. Second step, importing recorded files is asking. Please hit "Add Files"to choose the videos you need to convert. The third and is the last step, you can convert files now. Before conversion you should set the output format by clicking "Profile". Then you may see the pull-up list. You can set MP4 format the output format. What's more, you can do many extra settings here. Finish all above, you can convert files by hitting the big round button. Within three steps you can import converted files to your portable devices to enjoy. Is it easy to operate this app? You deserve a try.
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