in sales for the full year, a 21.4-23.1 percent increase from its previous guidance. it also raised its profit prediction by 28.6-33.3 percent to ¥44-50 billion ($577.4-$656.1 million).its sales are approaching the numbers of facebook, which saw $3.7 billion in fifa 18 coins total revenue (12 percent of that from farmville developer zynga alone) in 2011. the california-based social network company generated $1 billion in profit last year.during gree's second quarter (ending december    the firm hit a historical high with its sales, reaching ¥41.5 billion ($545 million) -- up 26 percent over the previous quarter, and 190 percent over the same period last year.thanks to cheap fifa coins that sales growth, profits also reached a record high, which gree points out is in spite of global expansion costs, investments in data centers, and other activities. it brought in ¥22.5 billion ($294.7 million) in profit, up 36 percent quarter-over-quarter, and 225 percent year-over-year.highlights from the   second quarter include its self-titled mobile social games network reaching 190 million registered users, the integration of its gree service with openfeint to create a single global platform (launching in the fourth quarter), and nine new offices opened around the world.its mobile social games network currently offers more than 7,500 titles from over 20,000 partner developers and its internal studios. during the second quarter, gree released seven in-house developed titles, and 700 new games and apps from its partners.   uk game industry trade body tiga says 67 percent of local developers are working either exclusively or in part on downloadable games, while the majority of recently established studios are focused on only downloadable and/or online games.the figures come as game retailers in the uk face shrinking revenues and increasing challenges in staying open -- game group recently said it suffered "an incredibly tough 2011," and plans to close 60 locations in the country before the end of the ******
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