How irritating and un-soothing these words can be; and how many times have I heard people (guilty as charged) say this to others when they are suffering? It not so easy, bottega veneta crossbody bag as you probably know - to calm the waters. The other day I was in the Vitamin Barn when a woman walked up to the counter and picked up a box that said, "Let Go," and with such raw vulnerability, said to the woman at the counter, "Does this work?" Everyone wants to be happy, but few know how to create it. What if I were to say to you that happiness has less to do with what our outer circumstances are and more to do with our thoughts about our outer circumstances? Perhaps youe heard this before, and this is where some of you may roll your eyes and disconnect. We think to ourselves, ure, I be happy if only I had a better relationship, if only I had fame and money, or greater meaning and purpose, or deeper Spiritual realization.?Another one I often here is, "If  As my beloved Saint bottega veneta sale Yogananda says, appiness is becoming the king to your kingdom.?Or for those of you who are bottega veneta top handle tote gender sensitive, ecoming the queen to your queendom.?Male or female, it means to become the master over your thoughts and tame your mind. It our human nature to want happiness but believe that it outside of us ?if only I could win the lotto, then I be happy. And it our conditioning to be distracted from uncomfortable and bottega veneta clutch painful feelings such as anxiety, restlessness, and anger. And now that we bottega veneta handbags have such a multitude of ways to distract ourselves - from texting to facebookon get me startedt even more challenging to reign in our wild mind. The bottega veneta tote bag untamed mind is like a blind person without limbs trying to ride a wild stallion. Not an easy task, but if you can stabilize your thoughts and calm your mind, you will absolutely bottega veneta hobo feel more equanimity and joy. People say to me all of the time, each me how to meditate.?I am not a meditation teacher, however I am a person who has bottega veneta wallet benefited greatly from learning to reign in my inner wild stallion ?if only just a bit. And taming this wild horse of a mind bottega veneta bags and developing concentration is a win win for everyone; you and everyone around you benefits.