How to Tell Nike? The nike shoes most convenient way is to the inside of a regular store to buy. (1) upper material: nike outlet NIKE basketball shoes usually with imitation leather, running shoes are generally Microfiber PU, not leather but they contain fiber density is higher than the dermis, toughness and breathable than leather even better, is not easy to deformation so good imitation leather material is more expensive than the price of leather, even better, the general simulation of shoes would not take the imitation leather or microfiber PU to do shoes, resolution method is to see the sheen of the material materials compare the gloss is really shoes, there is the hand squeeze or stretch leather uppers feel really very toughness, and flexibility. (2) some nike outlet online process of the upper, eager, micro injection, real shoes materials used are certainly of TPU, fake shoes are mostly used in PVC, both in appearance is the same, but the TPU the high cost of the material softness and tensile well, PVC is not the case, this material is no flexibility, softness is not good to wear in the winter is also prone to fracture. (3) shoes in the end: nike store Although in the end, the overall appearance aspects of the simulation shoes and the appearance of real shoes is almost exactly right, but in the end of the shoe material will be gaps in the material in the bottom holiday shoes are the EVA secondary foam material (that is, Cheap Nike Shoes we often say PHYLON), but burned out in the end of the hard and soft real shoes certainly is not the same true shoes of PHYLON will feel with your fingers moderate hardness, very flexible, nail hard by after PHYLON will naturally went back to not before the state, not a long period of leave nails in mind, fake shoes PHYLON $ shoes to really kind of level.