iPad 3 is not officially released yet when am writing this tips, so there are some conclusions are based on the previous iPad, iPad 2 and the most popular rumors on the internet. How to play SWF on iPad >> The reason why we are talking about the capability of iPad 3 to play Flash SWF or not is because the Apple products are not flash-friendly and the world knows it! Whether iPad 3 this time will make the breakthrough, we actually have no idea until the day it is really debuted, however, we can get some clues from those rumor-based iPad 3 new features and insider news. How to convert SWF to 3GP / SWF to MKV >> iPad 3 New Features - A new, thinner and sleeker design, 20% smaller in size compared to the iPad 2; - A full touchscreen with HD display and a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536; - A lighter, longer-life but more expensive battery; - A wireless charging technology; - A quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 designed A6 processor; - The advanced mobile system with more than 200 new features and perfect to host multi-touch gesture technology in iPad 3 –iOS 5; - A5MP camera with LED flash and 1080p or 720p video recording quality of 60 frames per second; - The enhanced fingerprint proof technology with oleophobic materialscoated screen to effectively reduce the oil and keep your iPad 3 shinning. iPad 3 and Flash SWF Support Although there are no signs from above revealed features to prove iPad 3 will support Flash SWF playback, we do have alternatives to make Flash SWF files playable on iPad 3. An all-in-one Flash SWF Converter for Mac can easily convert Flash SWF files to iPad-friendly format MP4, which applies to all the generations of iPad. What're more, you can convert SWF to WMV , SWF to AVI , etc with this program. The step-by step tutorial below will show you how and at least it really works. Step1, import SWF to this program Free download and install this program to your computer. Click "Source" button to import the SWF. Step2, Customize output In the "Settings" panel, choose the output format as MP4 or the iPad device you own. Step3, Start the conversion Click "Capture" to begin the conversion of SWF to iPad. When it is finished, the converted file will be presented to you in output path. Now you can add the SWF to iTunes , and sync it to your iPad for playback.
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