my dad, who has workedin a variety of corporate and startup environments throughout his tech careerin addition to consulting work, advised that i look into forming a business entity for liability reasons. from there, moderne press was formally born! over the years, i've realized that running your own business has its challenges and does require a lot of hard work. there thao began her career as a distribution analyst golden goose sneakers for gap and quickly discoveredthat spreadsheets and sales figures just weren't her thing. like so many other women straight out of college, she knew what she didn't like but was still trying to figure out her passion.after browsing the local boutique scene in san francisco every weekend, thao realized she wanted to open her own shop - one that carried unique, affordable items and that also showcased local talent. i hired someone to build the website and i hustled to get the keys into stores. i delegated different tasks and hired skilled people to run all of the different departments. from the plot springs characters. as far as creating dream worlds and my best they come from *** heat.
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