Glee popular television show would suit have on their hands in the future to come? It may be the case as one of their biggest fans recently the claim that the producers of the show stole the idea from him Glee DVD . Florida teen Teresa Musumeci said that the show has taken his ideas and used it for one of their episodes without giving credit. Last year, Teresa and her mother went to check a live concert at Glee in New York. Previously, he wrote a special letter by one until the greatest show stars Cory Montieth, and asked the guard to give him Smallville DVD . He further said that the guard gave a nice letter from Cory, and then told him that the star Glee really loved it. Almost a year later when Teresa was to see May 3 episode of the popular show, she saw that the show began with a host of Web show a character called "Fondue for Two," which also happened to be the exact name of his website shows Ghost Whisperer DVD that it planned to transfer in the near future. At least that's what it claims to write in his letter to Cory Montieth. She said Pretty Little Liars DVD that she was excited to watch the episode but that she would also love to get the recognition she thinks she deserves. Apparently even if Teresa wanted to take legal action, there is nothing she could do because the show doesn’t owe her anything. It was also reported that Fox had sent her a copy of an autographed script around the same time House MD DVD that the story was developing.